Thursday, 25 September 2014

Wall Street Meat (Andy Kessler)

This is another book from Andy Kessler. This book details his journey into Wall Street up to the point when he started his own fund. On the timeline, the events would take place before the ones in the second book. It introduces some characters which he mentions in his second book such as Jack Grubman.

This book is just as funny as the second book, but it is less in-depth. It has a different flavour from the first as Kessler is on the sell side this time as an analyst who starts off at Paine Webber before moving on to Morgan Stanley. He writes in a style as if he is a confused outsider and pokes fun at the industry. Although parts of the book can get cynical and serious, it is not as bitchy as the second one and here, he seems to have a more neutral view of the recurring characters around him. Taking place in the years leading up to 2000 and slightly beyond, it is a good insight into the mindsets and environment of the era, although it just scratches the surface. He also tries to capture the changes in the industry which would affect how the players (comprising banks, fund, retail investors, legislators) interact with each other. A reader does not need knowledge of the finance industry to understand the book. This book is more for entertainment purposes than educational.

Found in NLB: Only at Repository Used Book Collection (25/9/2014)

Recommended: Yes