Monday, 22 September 2014

Intermarket Analysis: Profiting from Global Market Relationships (John J. Murphy)

3 facts about this book:

1. For technical and fundamental analysis

This book covers the bond, currency, equity and commodities markets and shows the relationship between them over the decades. The author shows how both methods of analysis can benefit from being aware and understanding the interlinks of each market with the rest.

2. Plenty of charts

There are many charts chronicling the rise and fall of each market with respect to charts of other markets. Explanations are clear, but also slightly dull and repetitive.

3. Plenty of history and theory

Murphy covers the recent decades in details, from the 1990's to 2003, with major events such as the Asian Financial Crisis explained in the context of intermarket analysis. There is also some coverage of decades before the 1990's. However, there is no analysis after 2003 and currently, there is no later edition of the book. Theories include market cycles and others related to understanding the markets.

Available in NLB: Only in reserves

Recommended: Yes