Saturday, 26 December 2015

Decisive: How to make better choices in life and work (Chip Heath and Dan Heath)

This book is not a finance book but I believe that it will improve one's thinking in the financial (or non-financial) areas. It captures various decision-making tactics and strategies, all summarized in their WRAP model.

W: Widen your options
R: Reality-test your assumptions
A: Attain distance before deciding
P: Preapare to be wrong

The book is full of good case studies and examples, although they tend to be touch-and-go. The book's title suggests a how-to book, but I feel that this is more akin to a textbook of theories. The book is initially dry but gets better to the end with a more humorous voice.

There is plenty to consider about the ways of thinking and deciding. For such a topic, the danger is to stray into "fluffy" territory but thankfully the authors have kept the book tight. Definitely a good book to spend an afternoon reading away.

Found in NLB: Yes

Recommend: Yes (although not a finance book)