Monday, 12 December 2016

The Gathering Storm: How to avoid the next crisis from the minds that predicted the crunch (Lee Robinson and Patrick L Young

This book contains essays from some financial practitioners after the GFC. The topics mainly cover the GFC but also on touch on other subjects such as investment returns, the Weimar inflation and the Japanese crisis in the previous century.

The essays vary in subject, length and difficulty. Some are filled with facts while others are just narratives/ rhetoric. The underlying theme is not coherent and the topics are not aligned throughout the book, which some readers may find confusing. There are some good sections dissecting the GFC from different angles but nothing really new here compared to other books on the market. The essayists are not very well known, with exceptions such as John Maudlin.

I recommend skimming for information you want as the book is pretty outdated (printed in 2010) and not as relevant to today. There are some sections that provide food for thought but they are few and far in between.

Recommended: No

Found in NLB: No