Saturday, 5 November 2016

The Value Investors: Lessons from the World's Top Fund Managers (Ronald W. Chan)

This book is a collection of interviews with different value investing fund managers from around the world. They were interviewed by Chan, who founded his own investment managment company.

12 different fund managers were interviewed, from America, USA and Asia. A little of their life story and their views on value investing is covered. The final chapter summarises all interviews. The managers include famous names like Walter Schloss and lesser known names such as Shuhei Abe and Francisco Garcia Parames. This is more of a book of philosophy rather than a how-to and is suitable for all levels of investors.

It was very easy to read. Readers will have their own takeaways. Mine was that value investing is different to different people as each of the fund managers had different interpretations; some believed in talking to management while others didn't, and some trusted annual reports while others didn't.

Recommended: Yes

Found in NLB: Yes