Saturday, 26 March 2016

Swimming With Sharks: My Journey Into The World of The Bankers (Joris Luyendijk)

What this book is about: Luyendijk, author, wrote a book about his interviews with bankers while with the Guardian. This book is a summary of these chats. The term "bankers" is loosely used as interviewees come from different parts of banking, including the front, middle and back offices. He attempts to shed light on how the industry functions, what a sample of these people think and also gives some commentary. These interviews were anonymous and are of people working in London.

What's good: An insight into banking from different perspectives, fact tidbits about the industry which is not commonly known, and food for thought about the industry in relation to the GFC. The book is quite objective as the author presents balanced viewpoints.

What's bad: The book is a form of dry entertainment for those who enjoy bank-bashing. Given the topic, it is not for a wide audience.

Recommended: No, but good for those interested in banking or just general reading.

Found in NLB: Yes