Saturday, 30 January 2016

Wallstreet Potholes: Insights from Top Money Managers on Avoiding Dangerous Products (Simon Lack)

This book is about some products which the author deems to be unsuitable for generic investors. It includes some essays by other money managers. The topics covered include non-traded REITS, annuities, structured notes and professional standards, among others.

The topics in this book cover more obscure financial instruments which investors could be exposed to, as you can see in some of the topics above. The book can be a little dry and is mostly relevant to a US audience as tax rules and other financial regulations are referenced to. For a non-US audience, it may not be worth wading through the whole book and I recommend skipping to the parts that interest you. Each topic is not difficult that a layman or intermediate investor cannot understand.

Recommended: No. Although a useful book, these are instruments which not everyone will find relevant.

Found in NLB: Yes