Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Trading Naked: How to make money trading price patterns (Dr Foo Loon Sung)

This book was authored by Dr Foo, which according to the book is a private trader and trainer with many years in the financial industry. This book contains advice on trading according to his methodology.

The author starts off with rationale for trading the methodology and philosophy before diving into the methods. The method Dr Foo uses is mainly candlestick charting. The first half of the book has diagrams and pretty good explanations; however, much of his advice, while solid, can be found in other books. The second half of the book was disappointing to me, when he explained each of the candlestick patterns. Diagrams were sometimes missing and the grammatical mistakes further distracted me. I felt that the editor had let down what could have been a good summary of key candlestick patterns. However, one thing the author points out and I would like to emphasize is that this is his methodology and may not work for everyone. There could be other better or more detailed books which explains the full candlestick charting patterns and principles.

Found in NLB: No

Recommended: No