Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Building Your Real Estate Riches: Hard Truths about Singapore's Commercial and Residential Markets (Ku Swee Yong)

This edition of the book was published in 2012, and as such, contains articles and research from the period pre-2012. The book details the writer's reports for his clients which includes inpact of policies, the supply and demand, and commercial and industrial properties.

Each article is well backed up by statistics, numbers and clear tables. Interestingly, the author mentions that all the numbers are freely available data. The data may be a little dated, especially with the recent furry of measures by the government in the past half-decade. However, the reasoning behind the analysis is good and reasonable. What is of interest is perhaps the section on retail and commercial properties, which are usually not the first thoughts that come to mind for a property investor (maybe because the capital outlay is much higher than for residential ones).

How does this compare to the previous book review I did for No BS Guide to Property Investment? These two are different types of books. While No BS was more tactical in nature and on-the-ground, Building Your Real Estate Riches feels more strategic. Each is good in its own way, however, based on pure merit alone I would rate No BS higher as the information is more timeless. Although one could read this book for the logic in buying property and also the section on commercial properties, I feel that the dated knowledge may make this book slightly irrelevant. I am hoping to see an edition in which it has more historical background to supplement the recent data or at least other forms of value-added content.

Found in NLB: Yes

Recommended: No