Saturday, 3 May 2014

No B.S. Guide to Property Investment (Property Soul)

This book was written under the pen name of Property Soul, who also has her own website. It covers guidelines to property investment and information pertinent to the local property market. Topics run the gamut from goal-setting to agent selection and buy and sell strategies.

True to its name, this book really has no bullshit. Each chapter is succinct enough to cover the facts and nothing more. There is little beating around the bush or debating of theories. The author unreservedly shares her experiences in the market and the book is littered throughout with wonderful anecdotes, personal stories and quotations. She also explains her ideas very clearly and there is little vagueness and few motherhood statements which sometimes mars some investment guidebooks. The content itself is well-covered and Property Soul has managed to include bits of the overseas market as well. I also feel that it is wonderful that she has painted property investing as fraught with danger and she constantly reminds readers of this, instead of just oversimplifying matters and sucking newbies into making their first lost on the market.

The book is simple to read and understand, and the topics are well-researched without being overly academic. The author has done an excellent job covering everything there is to know about property investment in Singapore and simultaneously made it enjoyable to read. Do not be put off by the thickness of the book (this edition 376 pages).

This book is excellent for beginners, and also for those with a little experience under the belt. Experienced hands may find some information useful too. This would serve as a good gift to newly wed couples intending to get their first apartment. It is almost an encyclopaedia and is worth every dollar. Only flaw I could see was that there were minor editing mistakes; I hope to see revised editions with updates of market changes or additional content.

Found in NLB: No (As of 3 May 2014).
Recommended: Yes