Friday, 30 May 2014

Beat The Forex Dealer (Agustin Silvani)

This book written by Silvani is about the pitfalls of trading in Forex and how to deal with those. This is not primarily a how-to book. The book covers an introduction to players in the Forex, how orders are processed and some operational information.

The book itself was easy to understand and not too long or boring. The author has littered the book with many interesting anecdotes, both obscure and common. It is clear that the author has a very cynical view of the markets and he repeatedly warns readers of the dirty tricks that are played in the market such as stop hunting. However, everything is written in a light and tongue-in-cheek manner so it makes for easy reading. The topics are also good for beginners and intermediate traders, but there isn't so much about trading strategies and tactics for beginners which should be covered in other trading books; this book's main aim is to alert people to various market practices. Although the book is written more than half a decade ago, the advice in this book would be useful to practitioners today (and in the future).

This book is suitable for beginners to experienced traders, mostly for the insights of an author who has seen a lot of the markets. Note that this book does not cover basic trading tactics.

Recommended: Yes
Available in NLB: Yes