Saturday, 11 February 2017

Trading From Your Gut (Curtis Faith)

Curtis Faith was one of the famous Turtle Disciples. The Turtle Experiment was a bet between two traders on whether traders can be trained; the bet was won and the legend of the Turtle Traders was born. For more info, the story can be googled elsewhere. For this book, Faith builds upon his earlier books on the Turtle Trading and talks about using your gut.

Most of the book talks about using the gut (intuition) and how your brain works. An example of how to trade is given very late in the book.

I have always found related books around Turtles not to be very informative; unsurprising as there was a non-disclosure signed with the disciples (no longer in effect). Generally, this book could be useful to someone who has trading experience but the book can be summarised in a short paragraph if you want to skip the science.The first few chapters can be skimmed or skipped.

Recommended: No

Found in NLB: Yes