Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Money Masters of Our Time (John Train)

This is a more modern update of the classic, Money Masters, written by the same author. This book compiles materials and interviews from 18 different investors/ traders. These include famous ones like Buffet, Soros, and relatively less well-known ones like Philip Carret and Ralph Wanger.

The book draws upon rich resources including conversations Train had, materials published from funds, and the investors' books, if any had been written. This book covers more because it includes updates on what each person has done or any changes in style (up to 2000, the year of publication) as most of the books written were done so earlier. In addition, Train offers his own commentary and summary of all investors. It is easy to read and good for readers to be exposed to different styles and see that each still works in the financial world.

Even if readers have read some of the investors' books before, this is still a good book to read to have updates on their ideas. This book would be slightly more useful if readers have covered the investment classics beforehand (such as Soros or Lynch), but this is not necessary.

Recommended: Yes

Found in NLB: Yes