Saturday, 12 March 2016

A Banquet of Consequences (Satyajit Das)

Satyajit Das is a former banker and current consultant/ author. This new book by him is a general commentary on the global situation today.

The book explains our current financial situation and traces the roots back to postwar conditions. There are some political comments and also environmental issues covered, each with its own chapter. The book is very finance-related in the earlier chapters and proceeds to less-finance-related topics later on. You can expect to read about how the GFC came about, the conditions and mindsets laid for it in the years before that, the aftermath from 2008 till 2015, the political situation throughout these periods and also the consequences on other areas.

This book, with the advantage of hindsight, has one of the most succinct explanations of the GFC I have come across. I have admired Das for his clarity of thought and insghts, which this book is a good showcase of. Although he tends to be more pessimistic, the book is actually quite entertaining (considering the topics covered) because he also includes cultural and art references so there is a bit of variety in the content. The book is easy to read but can get a little difficult in places, but generally no complicated concepts, numbers or formulas are used..

This book is more for readers interested in a macro understanding of the global financial issues today. I feel that it has just enough depth and has many good insights. This is also good for layman readers although it can be dry for people not interested in finance.

Recommended: Yes

Found in NLB: No (As of 13 March 2016)