Tuesday, 23 February 2016

REITS Singapore: The Complete Beginner's Guide (GiraffeValue Blog)

This was a review by request from GiraffeValue Blog. Thank you for the invite!

Disclaimer: I do not gain from this review in any way.

This online guide is specific to REITS in Singapore. The guide is a summary and introduction to REITS and is suitable for beginners and intermediate investors. The articles are divided into 7 intuitive sections, each with its own specific link. It covers almost all the basics that a person needs to know to invest in Singapore REITS and is easy to read it will take less than 2 hours to finish. The topics include introductions, REIT structures and the REIT categories in Singapore, among other information.

The article is not too in-depth nor numbers-heavy for people who prefer light reading. There are also examples and diagrams which makes the article interesting. The only downside is that there are many sub-headings or sections in each chapter, which can be overwhelming for someone totally new to REITS and investing. However, each section is very short and summarised. To be fair to the author, it is also not easy to have a complete guide without going into details. Note that there is light analysis on some of the local REITS but not enough to warrant a buy or sell decision.

I particularly liked the section on tricks which I have not seen very often in other books or guides.

For intermediate or advanced investors, the article is more useful as a refresher and there could be one or two facts which one may not have come across. Much effort has gone into writing this as there are quotes from various sources and there is also a very rich reference link.

I think the title "Complete" is slightly misleading because it is not as detailed as some books on the topic, but the article is still a very useful starting point to inspire further reading elsewhere. I would recommend reading this guide before reading Jayaraman's "Building Wealth Through REITS", if anyone is curious about how the book compares to this guide (I reviewed the book in one of my earlier posts).

Perhaps in future there could be a section to compare REITS to general equities or business trusts.

Recommended: Yes

Link: http://www.giraffevalue.com/reits-singapore/

Note: Blog post title was changed because article title had changed.