Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Building Wealth Through REITs (Bobby Jayaraman)

This book was written by Bobby Jayaraman, himself a REITs (Real Estate Investment Trust) investor. I believe there is a newer edition with discussion on interest rates, but this review is not of that edition. This book explains REITs in the local context, including: introduction, a comparison with other investment assets, how to build a REIT portfolio and how to choose REITs. Bonus chapter of interviews with S-REITs CEOs is included.

The book is not difficult to read and does not have too many numbers to scare people away. A good discussion of the reasons for REITs is included and I find that the concepts are well-explained. The author even does a little forecasting and discusses a little of the recent history of REITs in the market so it is not purely a theoretical discussion and adds colour to his explanations. However, do note that the discussions are time-limited as they revolve around events as of publication date (2012). I would have liked to see the risks of REITs investment being given its own chapter; that would have made this book more balanced and "solid". I am neutral on the bonus chapter as I do not see how it adds much value. Fundamental investors may appreciate that chapter but I find its value limited if the CEO/ strategy changes and also due to the afore-mentioned time factor.

This book is suitable for newbie REITs investors whether the REITs sector is in a bull or bear market. It is also suitable for intermediate investors. However, some parts of the book may need a little more time to be digested.

Recommended: Yes

Found in NLB: Yes