Tuesday, 25 March 2014

More Talk Money (Lorna Tan)

This is book is not really about investments; it focuses more on financial planning in a local context. The book comprises of articles pulled from The Straits Times, mostly from 2009 - 2011. Topics are very wide, divided into chapters. A wide range of topics are discussed, including Consumer protection, Investment planning, Children's education etc.

This book would be good for anyone who wants to have a guide into issues such as what to look out for when planning retirement and insurance and related issues, but do not expect help on things such as investment or trading. This is a totally different sort of book. It covers a bit of local regulations such as will planning but it is not that in-depth; the level of detail is similar to what you would expect in a short article in the papers.

I do not really like this book as some articles in the same category rehash the topic, making reading laborious at times but not unbearable. There are a tiny handful of editing mistakes and I cannot comprehend the decision to have italicized summary paragraphs in the second half of the book but not the first. I am also slightly dissatisfied with the price of this book. I am giving a "No" recommendation but do not be put off by this; there is some value in the book.It does provide a neat round-up of what one should look into in financial planning in Singapore revolving around the family life. A quick summary is provided at the end of each chapter. The book appears thick but can be easily digested within a week.

Note: I did not read the first book in the series.

Available at NLB: No (as of 25/3/2014
Recommended: No